For Christ’s Sake, Stop It

Folks, whom you vote for and why is your business, but when you say that trying to have sex with a married woman (while being married for the third time yourself) and grabbing women between their legs is normal, justifiable behavior, then it becomes my business. Adultery and abortion are both the results of sexual idolatry. This nation is under the judgment of God because of its sexual idolatry. I’ve never been so discouraged as a Christian and a pastor to see people I love and care about acting like serial adultery and unwanted sexual advances and vile thoughts and filthy speech are “normal.” That ain’t normal. That’s perverted. That’s sin. God will judge both it and those who speak out in its defense. Defending such things tells us much more about you than you realize. If you are a believer and you struggle with understanding why such things are wrong or you are having difficulty with sexual temptation in your own life then I am available to counsel with you or I can find you another Christian pastor with whom you can talk. I am telling you this because I love you, and frankly because I’m terrified for my wife and daughters if this is what they are going to hear and see in the behavior of people who claim the name of Christ. You cannot be a Christian and a spokesperson for adultery. God hates it so much he killed his own Son over it. Those who refuse that sacrifice for sins are not forgiven. They remain in their sins. This is called “the gospel.” It’s the only way people will escape the judgment of God. Not political candidates or Supreme Court Justices. So for Christ’s sake, stop it.


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