Five Creative Uses for a Disc Golf Course

Some people believe disc golf courses are designed for disc golf. They don’t want to wander onto a course because they don’t want to come across as rude or risk physical injury.

But why think a disc golf course should be used for disc golf? Here are five other creative ways to use a disc golf course.

1. Putting Practice

Want to try out disc golf, but just don’t have what it takes to play a full hole? That’s okay! Stand five to ten feet away from a random hole and practice your short range shot for half an hour or so. This will allow you to develop your putt and approach while the group patiently waiting on the tee pad behind you gets to relax in the middle of a game. Everybody wins!

2. Childcare

Bring your kids to the course and let them run around! Children are especially skilled at retrieving discs from those hard to reach places like the center of the fairway. A disc golfer never has to worry about having his or her disc returned after that perfect set up for a birdie. There’s nothing quite like having a caring eight-year-old nearby to track down and return that disc you accidentally landed on the ground right next to the basket.

3. Photography Business

Disc golf courses make some of the most beautiful backgrounds around! Consider taking your photography business to a disc golf course. You’ll find the tee pads are a perfect place to set up your equipment. Tee pads also give you and your clientele a nice spot to stand and chat for an hour or so. Say “Cheese!” Your customer never looked so good as she did right before that disc fell from the sky and took out some teeth.

4. Dog Run

The “Keep Your Pet On A Leash” sign is more of a suggestion than a rule. Give your dog some space to run on a disc golf course! It’s a little known fact that disc golfers pay an extra $15 or so on top of the typical $10 for a disc to get a higher quality, more rubbery chew toy for your pooch. Teeth marks around the edges of a disc actually make it lighter, saving on the disc golfer’s arm and allowing the disc to be seen more clearly as it wobbles through the air on a drive. That loud yelp is doggy for “I love you” and has nothing to do with a tomahawk severing your pet’s spinal cord.

5. Picnic

By all means, bring your entire family out with a quilt and basket for a nice lunch on hole four!

We hope you have a fabulous time with these creative uses for a disc golf course. Our list works even better for regular golf courses, baseball diamonds, and racetracks. Make sure to show up when tournaments, games, and races are in progress!


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