A Response to Wesley Taylor on “Same-Sex Marriage”

Wesley Taylor wrote a post on Facebook asking a number of popular questions regarding homosexuality. Find his post below, followed by my response.

I don’t like to get political on here. I don’t like to use these platforms for religious arguments and such but there are sometimes when you are compelled to speak. We live in a bubble. I forget! One trip down the facebook pages of my past leaves me sad and incredulous, and I know I’m not the only one. Social media is often a battlefield.

I grew up in a devoutly Christian environment. I once believed the doctrines my family/all who surrounded me told me to believe. I went to a private elementary and middle school attached to the southern Baptist church we regularly went to. If I hadn’t convinced my parents to let me attend a public arts high school and then eventually, drama school.. I don’t know who I would be today. Being around people who didn’t believe what I believed and constantly challenged my belief system forced me to evolve. I’m so grateful I was capable of seeing the world differently.

The religiously-convicted Americans who think they are standing up for their beliefs when they deny service to a gay couple are, in fact, leading a frivolous crusade. If you signed up for a government position and can’t carry out your essential duty, STEP DOWN. There’s a name for this? Separation of church and state..?!

If you’re the type of Christian who takes the Bible literally (black and white, it’s all the “Word of God”) then my sins also include mixing fabrics, eating crawfish, trimming my beard, etc (please don’t make me continue listing all of the ridiculous things biblical literalists never seem to remember)…or even if you’re a more sophisticated believer who says the Old testament is more for allegory and the New Testament is what is truth …How many times does JESUS condemn homosexuality in the Bible? None. How many times does he condemn divorce? Several.

Divorce is legal. Yet strictly forbidden in the Bible. Where’s the outrage?

Lastly, the age-old but always-perfect question.. How does two people loving each other and wanting to COMMIT their lives to one another…HOW DOES THAT AFFECT YOU OR YOUR LIFE OR YOUR FAMILY’S LIFE WHATSOEVER. Seriously. How does it affect you? If there are any replies to this post from an opposing view, I would please like you to address that question FIRST.

And hey. Try not to be on the wrong side of history..? Cool.

You asked how SSM affects the lives of others. You already provided one example in your post. You told the judges who can no longer perform their duties because of religious objections to step down. That means they either violate their consciences or quit their jobs. You do not see that as affecting people’s lives? By the way, separation of church and state (which is a Southern Baptist belief by the way, please see the Baptist Faith and Message) should protect those judges who, because of their religious views, are unable to perform SSM.

There is not an option between mixed garments etc. or taking the Old Testament as allegorical. The mixed garments etc. passages are part of the ceremonial code for the nation of Israel. They are fulfilled in Christ. No offense, but that’s really basic, and really well established Christian theology.

The Bible condemns homosexuality in a number of places. Since the Bible is the Word of God, and Jesus is God, Jesus condemns homosexuality. More than that, the Bible presents a positive definition of marriage which excludes same-sex relationships. That is the definition Jesus explicitly quotes when he condemns divorce, which by the way, while wrong, does not attempt to change the definition of marriage.

Divorce has not always been legal. Many Christians are outraged at divorce, including its legality. Not sure what point you were trying to make there.

There’s not really such a thing as being on the right or wrong side of history. History pertains to what happens, whether for good or for ill. If you think that being on the right side of history just means joining up with whatever “side” is winning, well, I suggest you may want to rethink that, because the right side does not always “win” in history!

Given my past experience in entering into discussions like this, I do not expect you to answer, nor do I expect to be treated with respect. But you asked, and I attempted to answer. I pray you will one day see that what is right and wrong is defined by God and him alone, and that you will turn from your sins which oppose him and trust his Son Jesus Christ for salvation and life. Homosexuality is an abomination, and Jesus died on the cross for it, like every other sin. Come to Christ.

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